Osama wants Bush for president

Why else would he have popped out of his cave so shortly before the election, knowing that terrorism is the one issue that drives voters to Bush instead of Kerry?

But who do the Americans want for president? We’ll know in, er, 36 hours or so. Or at least we’ll know what the lawsuits will be about…

6 Responses to “Osama wants Bush for president”

  1. a sceptical reader Says:

    “Why else “

    Well, how do you know…
    Your guess is as good as anybody else’s…
    Why not simply self-promotion?

  2. eulogist Says:

    Would he have done it if he had expected it to make life more difficult for him?

    Remember Spain?

  3. a sceptical reader Says:

    Maybe he doesn’t care who wins?
    Maybe he simply chooses political prime-time to get his video-message out?

  4. eulogist Says:

    He would have had prime time coverage anyway, he is Osama Bin Laden. And he is a tremendous political strategist who knows how propaganda works, and who knows very well how much the Iraq war has helped to promote his cause in the muslim world. So he has every reason to opt for four more years, and to do whatever lies in his power to achieve the desired result.

  5. Another Bin Laden braindump Says:

    is to be found at:

  6. Post factum Says:

    That’s what Kerry thinks as well:

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