Four more years of chaos

It looks like the race has been run. Ohio is reporting 2 771 814 vs 2 624 201 votes for Bush (at 99% of precincts counted). Now I know the provisional ballots still have to be counted, but their number is only slightly larger than the difference between the two candidates and it is unlikely that they are 1) all valid votes and 2) all for Kerry. So I have to assume George Bush has won. I’m sure Bin Laden is happy with the result.

Crucial for America’s internal policy, however, is the outcome of the House and Senate elections. They have come firmly in Republican hands. So even if Kerry becomes president, he will still have to work with a conservative Congress. Which makes the thought of a Bush victory all the more worrying…

On the other hand, as Crooked Timber points out, “responsibility without power” for Kerry is probably not the thing to wish for. So under these circumstances (and I cannot believe I am writing this) a Bush victory is probably the least of two evils. At least it will be clear to all who is responsible for the chaos we are going to face. That is, if the wisdom of the American voters can be trusted next time…

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  1. uh-huh Says:

    Seems like there is at least one European who’s happy with the outcome….

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