Greatest kook ever

After the UK elected Winston Churchill and Germany elected Konrad Adenauer, the country of Erasmus, Spinoza, Rembrandt, Van Oldenbarneveldt and De Witt elected Pim Fortuyn as “The Greatest Dutchman Ever”.

Something is truly rotten in the state of the Netherlands…

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  1. Consolation Says:

    In fact, William of Orange won convincingly… after all the votes were counted (160.000 versus 130.000). Fortuyn was assigned the title based on a very partial result because the sms-servers couldn’t take the load in time…
    Source in Dutch:

  2. bernard Says:


    I’m flemish, i e not exactly a close friend of Hollanders ( Hollanders = randstad, thus excluding Limburg, the north; etc.)

    What happened really?

    The NL are truly commercial people ( ” de waan van de dag”). The best.. is a TV game. That Fortuyn was elected. As the Big One. After the TV programme ( i e not commercial anymore) qiute a lot of SMS’s came in.

    Result : W. V. Oranje became the winner.

    No commercial potential, I presume.

  3. Bill Oomkens van Ommeland Says:

    A strange result, yes, leaving aside the sms-votes anomaly – but the “protest vote” element clearly played a big role in delivering such a volume of votes for Fortuyn. If the poll had been taken before van Gogh´s murder, or 6 months later, the result would´ve looked different. I wouldn´t read too much into these slightly silly polls. Every single voter might have slightly different criteria for voting, after all.

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