Someone must have missed the point here

I could not resist mentioning this delightful little incident caused by an admittedly rather smug TV advert made by the Swedish (state) broadcasting service SVT. Quoting the BBC:

In it, SVT describes itself as a “free” TV channel, in contrast to Italy where Mr Berlusconi “controls 90% of the national TV channels”.


The trailer shows Mr Berlusconi, who owns Italy’s largest private TV network, blowing kisses from TV screens.

It also features snippets from Italian television with ticker tape running across.

“Silvio Berlusconi controls 90% of national TV channels in Italy,” it reads. “He became prime minister in 1991 after a massive TV campaign.”

“Right after that, a tribunal ruled he should sell one of his channels. Then the law changed,” the ticker says, rolling over footage from some of Italy’s many entertainment shows featuring scantly clad women.

So what was the Italian government’s reaction? Well, obviously:

The Italian foreign ministry summoned Sweden’s ambassador to complain about the spot for Sveriges Television (SVT).

… asking them to make sure it was not shown again, no doubt.

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