Go for it, Belarus!

Demonstrators in Minsk

Will Belarus, Europe’s last remaining dictatorship, go the same way as Georgia and Ukraine? One can only hope so. Although this time, I have a feeling that the regime’s propaganda-based support is too strong, and that the demonstrators are too few. Sadness and anxiety prevail when I see their courage and optimism.

Still, for those who want to stay informed on recent events, here are a few links:

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  1. beatroot Says:

    I would honestly love to see change there too. But…what all the coverage in the West misses is that Lukashenko does have lots of support in Belarus.

    OK, the media is not free and that limits the possibility of coming to rational conclusions. But lots of people there have seen capitalism in Poland etc and they are scared witless by it.

    ‘Lukashenko looks after us, he’s OK’.

    And the Belarus opposition has not really been a threat.

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