Korea test fake?

Just a thought that occurred to me, because:

  • Apparently, the test was low power;
  • North-Korea is not that advanced technologically, handicapped as it is by its international isolation, the dire state of its economy, and its stifling political system;
  • North-Korea is desperate to get the bomb – but even more to make it known that it has the bomb. For Axis of Evil dictators these days, having the bomb is their only guarantee against an American invasion;
  • Propaganda is Kim Il’s middle name.

Update 17 Oct: Still no proof despite what the US government says; check out the comments at ArmsControlWonk (via).

4 Responses to “Korea test fake?”

  1. The NKorean nucelar bomb update « Toasted Bread Says:

    […] Precisely the question now arising in some places is whether or not NKorea really tested a nuclear bomb. […]

  2. beatroot Says:

    Though Russians have picked up some unusual radioactive activity. But I think that’s just the only toaster in N. Korea popping off.

  3. eulogist Says:

    Yep, read something similar, but reports still seem to be a little mixed. Well, from what I read, if it was a genuine test, it at least failed.

  4. beatroot Says:

    And there is another one coming this week, they threaten. Didn’t like the language the North Korean was using at the UN…’declaration of war”’ blah blah. But like you say, these people are the masters of the bluff, counter bluff. And if they really want nukes then they are gonna have em.

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