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Link of the day: EU should support Turkish democracy and membership

19 March 2008
True words from the FT’s Tony Barber about the foolishness of EU Member States’ lukewarm (if any) support for Turkish EU membership.

Link of the day: Parti Québécois abandons separatism

17 March 2008
Interesting developments in the wider Europeosphere: News just came in that the members of the Parti Québécois yesterday voted overwhelmingly in favour of dropping the obligation to hold a referendum on Québec independence from the party manifesto.

The PQ had a majority of the seats in the Québec parliament a number of times in the 80s and 90s of last century. Referendums on independence have been organised in 1980 and 1995 but failed to get majorities in favour (60% and 51% voted non, respectively). The vote is a victory for new party leader Pauline Marois who favours a more centrist course.

Link of the day

13 March 2008

I just invented a new posting category which will hopefully help me to post more frequently: the Link of the Day. These postings will be extremely short, basically 1-5 lines of commentary on a website, posting, or newspaper article I just found and thought was interesting – maybe not even more than just the link and title.

Actually something similar existed already here: the Noteworthy News in the right hand corner, but it was not visible enough. Also, because it basically consists of my links on, it did not have enough space to leave commentary. The Link of the Day should solve both problems.

US elections today: Forget red and blue states, the US is a patchwork nation of eleven different types of communities. The site shows this patchwork on the map of the US, and follows how they are (or will be) voting during the coming presidential elections.